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    • Yes you can see the files u asked about. Kits and stadiums are in the new format and team logos I’m sure are still in the legacy format.

  1. can you please create a video or tell me how can i expert models and textures? really i could not find anything

  2. How i can put the fifa 17 boots on fifa 16? i finded all the textures, but, where are the models to i can transfer in my boot? because is ugly when are with the wrong models.

    • U can’t use the fifa17 textures on fifa16 models. The uv maps are different hence y it looks weird. Also u can’t use the fifa17 models as they are a different format to fifa16. But the model files are the ones called .Mesh

  3. i can’t open “pitch textures” after i export them as “dds” files , i export other textures and they opened successfully , i don’t know what’s wrong with them.

  4. Please I need your help, look, I need to know where I can to locate the fifa_ng_db and squad.db in my FIFA 17 Original directories? for example if I want to replace the Original DB to my new DB created. thanks!!

    • I tried here “C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 17\Data”

      but there ins’t anything of the .DB like olders FIFA’s 🙁
      If at least we can overwritte the original DB to the new one…. I’m sure we can create mods. adds teams , players.. etc..

  5. It’s possible to modify the original ” fifa_ng_db.db ” to the new saved? it’s located at core/chunkfiles/chunkfilecollector/db/ but not visible on FIFA Dirs.

      • Yeah but if I edit my squad files, when I try to load the new squad that I edited FIFA say: Unable to load squad, appear to be corrupted

  6. Had a little question, atm you can only export images that are outside .big files, but when they’re inside you can’t export them as it will just export the whole .big file as a .dds file. I know this was possible in cgfe 16. Can you add that feature back?

    • yes sorry, forgot to include it into the save texture, u can use export raw data which will export the dds, just rename the suggested filename to have a .dds extension.

  7. shawminator Any indication when the new version will be available? Cheers for the great work getting textures to import into Fifa 17!

  8. hello tnx for 17 version that helped alot

    please please make it avaible for FIFA18 as soon as possible
    i really need it!

    • its tool is very useful to me since I can visualize the files that are inside and thus complement it with Frosty Editor since it does not allow to see the Legacy files, while in yours if they can be seen.
      Thank you very much

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