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  1. Hello , could you tell me more detail about the crowd fifa convert ?
    I’m in doubt , I can not configure it, could you help me?

    thank you

    • I’m not sure what u mean. There’s nothing to configure. Its a simple convert load the fifa14 crowd file by pressing the load 14 crowd file button. Then press the export to button to export to 15 format, export empty to create an empty 15 crowd file and export to txt to see it in a txt file(not sure that would be of any use to u though). Please make sure u have downloaded the app from the updated link at the bottom of the post as this fixed some issues.

    • Strange, but that is the correct button to use, ill double check when I can but I’m sure if u use that button it will work just the same, please make sure u have downloaded the updated version as well

      • the button “export to ” save it as dat file , did the ”export to 15” button do the same or it export it to fifa 15 or big file directly , if it export the file to dat file i have no working program to export it to fifa , file master 15 did’t able to do export it because it has a lot off bugs , is there any program to do that i try to export your empty crowd to fifa to disable crowd …. many thanks at last for your great work and fast response .

  2. i’m so so sorry man because the reason off export to 15 button not showing was happening because off windows 10 technical preview i was using and when i try the program again in win 8 the export to 15 button appear …. sorry for Inadvertent mistake .

  3. Hi thanks for the tool ! But I can’t find the place where to export the file in fifa 15, can you help me please ?

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