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Literally the whole world plays Pokemon GO. Therefore I wouldn’t miss the chance playing around with the game’s files :P. So far I’m playing around with the Android version of the game.

The reason why I started playing around was obviously to find the pokemon models. It turns out though that the game (at least the Android game) does not ship with the pokemon models. Since the game in order to function is in a continuous connection with the Niantic servers, the pokemon models are actually downloaded  the moment you encounter them. This makes the model dumping really difficult and to a point where its actually impossible right now.

Eventually sometime in the future, someone is going to succeed into fetching the models and then I will be able to work on them. For now I was limited to work in models that are available in the files of the apk. The most common model files are the player models, so i started working on them.

The game is made using Unity, and therefore all its assets are in unity bundle files. The models should be in some unity specific geometry container as well, but all the tools i found on the net, failed to open the model assets and i had to work on them manually. It was not that difficult tbh. I didn’t automate the process, because like i said there are not so many models to import so far, so this is why the process is a bit manual right now. But as I said, locating the vertex & indices buffers is really easy.

The only “weird” stuff that i found on the model structure is that the UV buffers are completely separated by the vertex buffer. So in order to get the UV’s as well you need to locate this buffer as well. This is located right after the vertex buffer and it contains information for all the uv maps of the model (which are just 2 in most cases).

Textures especially in the android version of the game, usually come into 2 formats. Either pvr format (pretty much all model textures are in this format) or if the texture is pretty big and takes too much space it comes into a raw astc format (wiki).

Recently i got an iphone (*.ipa) version of the game.  Once I find some more time, I’m going to check what files are available there and if the textures are in a more common format.

For now I’m posting some screens of the male and female character models of Pokemon GO. I’ve packed those textured models and made them available for download in the download section.