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For quite some time, i am working on the 2k15 archives. A whole new packaging and archiving scheme this year. IMMENSLY complicated, but still reversable. I am writing an archive explorer for the time being which after A LOT of testing is quite competitive, but will be released in time. The reason for this post is to talk about NBA 2K15 textures. First of all i think all you may have noticed that almost ALL developers have switched to DirectX 11. This means that they use dds textures which have the new dx10 headers (although using the same known dxt/bc compressions) and for the time being there are no previewing tools for them.

Now what 2K packs in the archives as textures are some files like this:


These seem like normal dds files, they are packed together with their appropriate dds headers, but they are a bit mixed. They need some kind of conversion which i managed to found out:


I am planning to add a texture viewer on the explorer, i’ll see how it will go.


Now some more textures i managed to extract from the game, just for showcase:


More news when its time 🙂



First release of the FIFA 15 3D Importer/exporter Version 0.65


  1. Full Model/Texture Import Support for FIFA 14/15 (Experimental FIFA 13 Stadium support)
  2. Brand new Face Editing Mode for easier facemaking
  3. Maintained the General Overwriting mode for simple model editing
  4. Export Support for trophy and ball models
  5. Requires Blender 2.71
  6. Stadium exporting functions DO NOT WORK for now.

Tutorials and documentation will soon be available



I’m releasing a fifa14 to fifa15 crowd converter tool to plug the gap between now until the full export script is released, this will convert a fifa14 crowd .dat file to the correct format to work in fifa15.

this will allow us to play with fifa14 stadiums imported to fifa15, the stadiums may not be perfect yet but at least this will give us a start.
To use, Simply import the Fifa14 Crowd.dat file using the load Fifa14 Crowd button, once loaded u can click on the individual lines to see the seat colour, angle etc…(only for info)
To Export click the Export to 15 button and this will save the 14 crowd file to the same directory as the loaded 14 file but will have added fifa15_ to the beginning of the filename
if you have the original blender file of the stadium, i suggest that you delete the following and re export before using in Fifa15:-
golaposts and cornerflags
This is because the game now uses a generic goalframe and is no longer included in the 3d stadium model.
you will notice some issues with transparent textures but this just a small price to pay until the full exporter is available.

A download link is available in the Fifa 15 Downloads Section


Download link for Empty Crowd File Here


Download Link for update:-

This should hopefully sort out the issues when converting using an os language other than english




Cheers Shawminator

After this MAGNIFICENT game release, i could not help myself from investigating the archives.
I ended up writing an archive Explorer for those who are intersted in its 40 GBs of data.


  1. embb (internal archives) explorer and extractor
  2. XML viewer for .bndlxml files
  3. embb archives export support

A download link is available in the Downloads Section