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I guess that pretty much everyone knows about minions.

I don’t know how many know that there is actually a game about them though 😀

Its called Minion Rush, its available for Iphone,Android and Windows 8.

I would not try to load any of the models, but a couple of days ago i tried the Windows 8 version of the game, and i’d say that the models used are extremely good and immensly detailed.
So here are some screenshots from some of the models extracted:


I am planning to release a pack of all the exported models, as soon as i have the textures exported as well. So stay tuned 😀

A bit of a break from FIFA :D.A couple of days ago i fell upon Rugby Challenge 2. I found it an awesome game, and after some threatening (thanks robbie :D) i decided to try and import the models. Here are the results :D:D

A lot of very well made stadiums in there. Since the importer is pretty much complete, i’ll try to post more screens too 😀