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    • Yes you can see the files u asked about. Kits and stadiums are in the new format and team logos I’m sure are still in the legacy format.

  1. can you please create a video or tell me how can i expert models and textures? really i could not find anything

  2. How i can put the fifa 17 boots on fifa 16? i finded all the textures, but, where are the models to i can transfer in my boot? because is ugly when are with the wrong models.

    • U can’t use the fifa17 textures on fifa16 models. The uv maps are different hence y it looks weird. Also u can’t use the fifa17 models as they are a different format to fifa16. But the model files are the ones called .Mesh

  3. i can’t open “pitch textures” after i export them as “dds” files , i export other textures and they opened successfully , i don’t know what’s wrong with them.

  4. Please I need your help, look, I need to know where I can to locate the fifa_ng_db and squad.db in my FIFA 17 Original directories? for example if I want to replace the Original DB to my new DB created. thanks!!

    • I tried here “C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 17\Data”

      but there ins’t anything of the .DB like olders FIFA’s 🙁
      If at least we can overwritte the original DB to the new one…. I’m sure we can create mods. adds teams , players.. etc..

  5. It’s possible to modify the original ” fifa_ng_db.db ” to the new saved? it’s located at core/chunkfiles/chunkfilecollector/db/ but not visible on FIFA Dirs.

      • Yeah but if I edit my squad files, when I try to load the new squad that I edited FIFA say: Unable to load squad, appear to be corrupted

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