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We have released FIFA 18 CG File Explorer. This tool allows you to edit FIFA 18, from kits to databases ( including World Cup DLC too through DB Master )

Read carefully the documentation included to find out how to install and deal with this tool. If you find any problem ask for support here :

– Soccergaming Forums – Official Thread

– ModdingWay Forums – Official Thread

– Discord Channel





Im releasing the CG File explorer 17 to allow people to see the fifa17 file structure.

not going to be a project that i will update, so as it stands this wil be the one and only release.

the explorer cant do anyharm to ur fifa17 install as it id only a reader type program. you can export textures and raw data not sure how helpful this wil be

also you can export the model file in .f2b format, there is also a blender script included in the folder to allow the import to blender o fthe exported mesh file.

im not gonna give out a guide, just try things and see what you get

good luck and hopefuly it may help others.



PS. if your looking for the database, i added a quick link in the first dropdoen box to access the legacy files. be patient as it does take a while to load


Im releasing an updated version of Stadium Server Which includes a new version of the application as well as an updated ServerMap.dl. This allows compatibility with versions 1.5 & 1.6 of Fifa (including Moddingway Mod) and also version 1.3 which is used in the European Expansion Patch.

Note For European Expansion Patch

When using The EEP version, Before launching the game make sure you have enabled the Application to use the EEP settings. to do this simply go to file>European Expansion Patch exe v1.3 and click, this will put a tick next to it showing that it is enabled,



as before any issues let me know

Download:- Stadium Server v1.1




Format – Stadium Server Format,

to use outwith stadium server, simply rename the files accordingly(remember to open the lnx files and rename the stadium id to match)

extract and place the ENG – Ewood Park Folder into the StadiumGBD folder

Download Link

This stadium was created using the beta version of the blender script,

The glares were created manually as this is still being worked on in the script.

the Script will be released soon.


I’m releasing a fifa14 to fifa15 crowd converter tool to plug the gap between now until the full export script is released, this will convert a fifa14 crowd .dat file to the correct format to work in fifa15.

this will allow us to play with fifa14 stadiums imported to fifa15, the stadiums may not be perfect yet but at least this will give us a start.
To use, Simply import the Fifa14 Crowd.dat file using the load Fifa14 Crowd button, once loaded u can click on the individual lines to see the seat colour, angle etc…(only for info)
To Export click the Export to 15 button and this will save the 14 crowd file to the same directory as the loaded 14 file but will have added fifa15_ to the beginning of the filename
if you have the original blender file of the stadium, i suggest that you delete the following and re export before using in Fifa15:-
golaposts and cornerflags
This is because the game now uses a generic goalframe and is no longer included in the 3d stadium model.
you will notice some issues with transparent textures but this just a small price to pay until the full exporter is available.

A download link is available in the Fifa 15 Downloads Section


Download link for Empty Crowd File Here


Download Link for update:-

This should hopefully sort out the issues when converting using an os language other than english




Cheers Shawminator

Hey Guys,

just thought i would post to let u know that the stadium structure from the fifa15 demo looks the same as Fifa 14 which is good news,

we are able to use the current importer to get the stadium into blender, the only downside is that the crowd structure seems to have changed,

anyway here is  a wee screen  to show Anfield Stadium imported to blender exported from the fifa 15 data_graphic1.big