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  1. hi arti-10,
    I am a goalnet fanatic, and I would like to ask u a few questions on goalnets. can the 3d frame be exported? if so, what directory would the edited versions be assigned in the data folder? can the number of stanchions be changed from 4 to 2 and be made in-game-visible?
    Thanx in advance

    • Hi mate, well to be honest i have no idea about the goalnets. I never found any models that i could open. In other words i did not find any files with actual 3d data of nets. It seems that fifa has them embedded and makes them on the fly.
      Now for the holders (i prefer to call them that way), i did not test it to be honest, to reduce their number, but what i did test was to remove them completely and that simply crashed the game. My impression is that even with one missing the stadium is going to crash. But you can test it of course and see what happens.

  2. would u pls give me a version of the holderless nets, in some replaceable forms? I will offer to try and tell u how it went.

  3. Hi mate,

    Iv’e recently come across your SPL Stadiums on Moddingway… INCREDIBLE detail!

    Iv’e downloaded a few to test on Fifa15.

    I’m currently trying to use CM14 to add them, but having no joy.

    Do I have to wait for CM15 to be released? Or should it be simple enough just to do so with CM14?

    Thank’s so much, and would very much so appreciate a reply if you have the time.

    • The stadiums from fifa 14 are not 100% compatible with 15, best to wait, I will be converting and releasing all stadiums I did for 14 for 15

  4. Appreciate your reply mate, thanks again.

    Is there any chance of having Ibrox for Fifa 14 please? Even if not fully completed, I’d still be over the moon to just have something that even resembles it.

    Cheers again man.

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