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    • Hi made, i have no idea on which mods are you referring, but i haven’t worked on PS4 games, and i don’t think i will because most likely everything is encrypted in there. Looks like a very tough territory for now 🙂

  1. Downloaded a couple of FIFA 15 stadiums. As an Aberdeen fan I’m psyched that you made Pittodrie and it looks great in game! You just need to fix some of the seat colours in the South Stand to our random assortment of yellow ones! haha

    I noticed in one of your videos when you were showing how to import the stadiums you had folders marked as Rugby Park and New St Mirren. Are these available to download yet?

    I love the fact someone is actually concentrating mainly on the Scottish game in FIFA as opposed to the usual Barclays stuff.

    • I’m currently working on both rugby park and st mirren park. Day is complete, starting work on the night textures so hopefully I’ll release them
      Within the next few weeks.

  2. First of all thanks to provide such a nice tool like stadium server, it was an awesome work, thanks for the stadiums too. I realized that the standard name of the stadiums are blackberry arena or something and i’d like to know if there’s possible to rename it to the real name of the stadium, i couldn’t find any instructions about it.The second thing is, just you build de stadiums ? I mean, seems to be too much work for just one guy, i don’t know how many artists are able to do such specific work with quality, i don’t know if you considerer to share this kind of knowledge or techniques with the community, it will be very nice to have more people modelling more and more stadiums. Anyway, thanks again, keep up with the great job, if there’s more people involved thanks to them too.

    PS – Sorry for eventual errors, im brazilian and my english may have some imperfections. If you need some help with some information, images or something from brazilian or south american football maybe i can help you. Later Greg, Shaw and everyone involved…

  3. Some time had passed since my last contact, i realized that you’re very busy or you don’t wanna to answer me but i’ll try again.
    I’ve started to model a stadium, but i have all kind of doubts about how i can make the files compatible with stadium manager. The stadium that i choosed is Home Park – Plymouth Argyle, it’s a small one i know, but i imagine that as much as the size grows the work to set the things up grows too. Anyway here is a preview:


    It’s without texture and i didn’t finish it yet but feel free to rate it or ask for the file if you want to take some look. I tried to model it saving triangles/polygons as a game 3d model i realize that the level of detail should be put on textures. Please answer me if you see this message and the other one too, i really like to help to increase the number of stadiums but i have serious doubts about it.

    • Hi mate, sorry for the late response, as for stadium making, its surely not an easy process, because it involves many many many objects if you want to be extremely accurate. I don’t think it needs too many ppl working on one. Maybe EA does it like this, but if you are a professional modeler things are really easy because they have all the time required. Its definitely a very large process but there is no particular mysterious technique used :P. Create your model, uv map it, texture it, make some lightmaps and you are ready to go :D. Your stadiums looks very good and keep it up :D. You are right about the polygons. Make sure you don’t overdo it. An average model with a good texture looks fantastic. Thats what EA and especially Konami do with their stadiums. My advice is keep on working, watch A LOT of tutorials, and you’ll improve definitely, there is no doubt about it.

      Cheers Greg

      • Thanks for the compliment, but compared to you and the other guys that did the stadium manager and the scotish stadiums, i’m pretty amateur i guess.

        I don’t wanna waste your time but what about my first doubt, it’s possible to change the display name of the new stadiums on intros? And another one, it’s possible to access the original stadiums of the game just to have some reference of number of polygons and etc?
        And the last one, what about .rx3 files, I mean i don’t know how to make models with this format, in a quickly search on internet i couldn’t find much information about it?

        Thanks again and don’t need to sorry, i’m assume that you’re working hard on something nice and doesn’t have much time to be replying everyone. As soon as i can i’ll donate some money for you (i prefer pay, you worked for the money anyway).

  4. After moddinway 1.6.0 release, stadium server gets number 0 for every club/national team that i choose, both game modes kick-off and career mode and origin offline. I tested with v.1.5.1 and the app still working. Something went wrong on this change, your tool is amazing but the mod changed something that the program needed to be functional, apparently.

  5. Please Please can you make an editor for the mlk 2k12 to export the stadium for blender since the nba tools does not export some parts like slate and other parts thank you.

  6. Hi people, I have this error when i tryed to export rx3 blender file.
    File: M:/Blender…./fifa_tools/scripts/fifa_operators.py”, line 1492, in invoke
    AttributeError: ‘_io.BytesIO’ object has no attribute raw

    location: :-1

    Someone help me, thanks.

  7. Greetings.

    I’m a big fan of the fifa series. However, I do not have enough money to buy a pc that runs the game properly.
    I can run the game very well, however, in the replays and cutscenes fps falls hinder much of the gameplay online.
    Is there any mod or tool that can only reduce the quality / resolution of replays and cutscenes? That would make my game perfect.

    Thank you so much.

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