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  1. Hey,

    nice tool but it doesn´t worked for me.
    I have done all like in the video.
    First all files from the downloadfolder, into the fifa 15 folder and then i lunched the .exe
    I linked my fifa 15 exe and attached it. Then i had patched it, setup and extraced folders and overwriten the file.

    Then i choose lunch fifa 15 (in the help u set when i want to assignment in kick off mode the stadiums i have to lunch it in offline mod in origin. This is what i had do, the problem is, that it say when i press at home stadium, he said all perfect, stadium is linked to id x.

    But the counter will still at 0 and not 1 for celtic park maybe when i play with celtic. And the server isn´t disabled…

    So please help me.

    • The counter is not important, it does not tell you wheather it is working or not.
      do ids appear on the tool? home team, stadium , comp and comp round?
      once the assignment is made it will only trigger the process once you enter the kickoffhub page, then it should work from there

      check first if you are getting ids, thats the most important part.

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