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  1. Hi,

    I use NBA 2K15 explorer. I can export dds files but I don’t know how to import files.
    I use v.01 version because I can’t open any files with v0.27 (I can just “Load Archives” and “Apply Changes”
    I have done some cyberfaces (irving, jordan, dr j, bird, iverson, stockton) but I can’t see the result.
    I hope you can help me.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your great work on the nba and fifa.
    Recently I dig into nba2k12 files, I assume it format/engine is the same with nba2k15. Can you tell me in which files I can find bones or skeleton?

    Thanks in advanced.

    • Hi mate.
      I highly doubt that they are in the same format. Probably they are changed. I hope i can find such info in the 2k15 files.

  3. Hi Greg.

    can you please help me This tool does not work properly with me
    i selected my nba2k15 directory but the tool just keep telling me file not found and my game wont open anymore after i opened this tool please help me i cant download 46 giga again
    and sorry for my bad English

    • Hi there, version 0.1 allows you to just preview the files, it does not modify anything, so there is no chance that the tool corrupted anything in your game.
      However i’d recommend you to download version 0.27 which is updated and its more user friendly and also allows you to import files back into the game 😀

      • Hey Greg, how do you mod uniforms or add Westbrook’s mask? I downloaded the 0.27 version but I cant find the iff files, ive been told i need to make sure that the tool is updated to patch 3 but what and where is this patch 3?? Thanks again man for the incredible work.

        • Hi mate,
          there are no patches for the tool. You can import uniform textures with v0.27, and i am afraid 3D models can not be modified for the time being, i’ll try to check why the game does not accept them as soon as possible.

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