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Blender Importer Script for NBA 2K15 is almost complete.

Model information such as subparts, uvmaps, binormals,tangents as well as blendindices and blendweights have all been successfully parsed.
I also wrote some code to parse the model skeleton into blender which allows eventually the animation of the model 😀

Some more pics about the model skeletons and the subparts:

The script will be released once the exporter is done as well.
Stay tuned for more news



  1. Full Model/Texture Import Support for FIFA 14/15 (Experimental FIFA 13 Stadium support)
  2. Brand new Information Panel for warning notifications
  3. Brand new Face Editing Mode for easier facemaking
  4. Maintained the General Overwriting mode for simple model editing
  5. Export Support for trophy and ball models
  6. Requires Blender 2.71
  7. Stadium exporting functions FULLY WORKING.
  8. New color paint modes, specifically designed for EA Stadium emulation.

Tutorials and documentation will soon be available

For questions and reports please refer to the official topic