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A bit of inspection in the full game’s files. There are lots of stadiums which contain very detailed exterior  data. And when i am talking about detailed i mean that there are A LOT of meshes dedicated to the exteriors. Maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of the full stadium model file size. Here are some of the stadiums:

Allianz Arena

Santiago Bernabeu

Camp Nou


La bombonera

Old Trafford

San Siro

Etihad Stadium



I took some time to examine the model bones again. Just to remind everyone, this is the reason why the FIFA exporter is not capable of exporting custom meshes as head, hair or boot models.

I managed to find the bone head positions out of the transformation matrices, but that does not seem to work will all the bones. That is still a heavily WIP.

Despite that, it is nice to know how many bones control a FIFA 15 face (and they are more than 30).



Fifa 15 has indtoduced some changes to all model textures.

The most important one is that all textures have doubled their sizes.

Face textures are now 1024×1024, ball textures 1024×1024 and boot textures 512×512

The second one that i noticed is that they introduced a new compression for the normal maps. From now and on the normal maps will be compressed with -BC5 compression. This is fairly new type which is probably optimized for normal maps and with the latest versions of DirectX.



Working on the fifa 15 faces.
They are almost identical with the fifa 14 faces. Their only difference (at least for now) has to do with the face bones.

It seems that fifa 15 faces support way more advanced and analytic expressions 😉


Hey Guys,

just thought i would post to let u know that the stadium structure from the fifa15 demo looks the same as Fifa 14 which is good news,

we are able to use the current importer to get the stadium into blender, the only downside is that the crowd structure seems to have changed,

anyway here is  a wee screen  to show Anfield Stadium imported to blender exported from the fifa 15 data_graphic1.big