Im releasing the CG File explorer 17 to allow people to see the fifa17 file structure.

not going to be a project that i will update, so as it stands this wil be the one and only release.

the explorer cant do anyharm to ur fifa17 install as it id only a reader type program. you can export textures and raw data not sure how helpful this wil be

also you can export the model file in .f2b format, there is also a blender script included in the folder to allow the import to blender o fthe exported mesh file.

im not gonna give out a guide, just try things and see what you get

good luck and hopefuly it may help others.



PS. if your looking for the database, i added a quick link in the first dropdoen box to access the legacy files. be patient as it does take a while to load

Samuel Eto’o FIFA 17

So now that the compression obstacle is down, we can finally start working on the game models 😀
Bad news is that due to the new engine, models (like all the rest of the game files) have a new container format which will need a lot of testing and trial&error to parse it properly. Its more complicated than the rx3 format because it probably supports more functionality.

Good news is that the pure geometry information in FIFA 17 files is much more organized and therefore easier to parse than it was in the past. Right now its just vertices and triangles, so stay tuned for a new -update- post.