We have released FIFA 18 CG File Explorer. This tool allows you to edit FIFA 18, from kits to databases ( including World Cup DLC too through DB Master )

Read carefully the documentation included to find out how to install and deal with this tool. If you find any problem ask for support here :

– Soccergaming Forums – Official Thread

– ModdingWay Forums – Official Thread

– Discord Channel




First release of the FIFA 15 3D Importer/exporter Version 0.65


  1. Full Model/Texture Import Support for FIFA 14/15 (Experimental FIFA 13 Stadium support)
  2. Brand new Face Editing Mode for easier facemaking
  3. Maintained the General Overwriting mode for simple model editing
  4. Export Support for trophy and ball models
  5. Requires Blender 2.71
  6. Stadium exporting functions DO NOT WORK for now.

Tutorials and documentation will soon be available


After this MAGNIFICENT game release, i could not help myself from investigating the archives.
I ended up writing an archive Explorer for those who are intersted in its 40 GBs of data.


  1. embb (internal archives) explorer and extractor
  2. XML viewer for .bndlxml files
  3. embb archives export support

A download link is available in the Downloads Section


Working on the fifa 15 faces.
They are almost identical with the fifa 14 faces. Their only difference (at least for now) has to do with the face bones.

It seems that fifa 15 faces support way more advanced and analytic expressions 😉


Hey Guys,

just thought i would post to let u know that the stadium structure from the fifa15 demo looks the same as Fifa 14 which is good news,

we are able to use the current importer to get the stadium into blender, the only downside is that the crowd structure seems to have changed,

anyway here is  a wee screen  to show Anfield Stadium imported to blender exported from the fifa 15 data_graphic1.big


I guess that pretty much everyone knows about minions.

I don’t know how many know that there is actually a game about them though 😀

Its called Minion Rush, its available for Iphone,Android and Windows 8.

I would not try to load any of the models, but a couple of days ago i tried the Windows 8 version of the game, and i’d say that the models used are extremely good and immensly detailed.
So here are some screenshots from some of the models extracted:


I am planning to release a pack of all the exported models, as soon as i have the textures exported as well. So stay tuned 😀