Literally the whole world plays Pokemon GO. Therefore I wouldn’t miss the chance playing around with the game’s files :P. So far I’m playing around with the Android version of the game.

The reason why I started playing around was obviously to find the pokemon models. It turns out though that the game (at least the Android game) does not ship with the pokemon models. Since the game in order to function is in a continuous connection with the Niantic servers, the pokemon models are actually downloaded  the moment you encounter them. This makes the model dumping really difficult and to a point where its actually impossible right now.

Eventually sometime in the future, someone is going to succeed into fetching the models and then I will be able to work on them. For now I was limited to work in models that are available in the files of the apk. The most common model files are the player models, so i started working on them.

The game is made using Unity, and therefore all its assets are in unity bundle files. The models should be in some unity specific geometry container as well, but all the tools i found on the net, failed to open the model assets and i had to work on them manually. It was not that difficult tbh. I didn’t automate the process, because like i said there are not so many models to import so far, so this is why the process is a bit manual right now. But as I said, locating the vertex & indices buffers is really easy.

The only “weird” stuff that i found on the model structure is that the UV buffers are completely separated by the vertex buffer. So in order to get the UV’s as well you need to locate this buffer as well. This is located right after the vertex buffer and it contains information for all the uv maps of the model (which are just 2 in most cases).

Textures especially in the android version of the game, usually come into 2 formats. Either pvr format (pretty much all model textures are in this format) or if the texture is pretty big and takes too much space it comes into a raw astc format (wiki).

Recently i got an iphone (*.ipa) version of the game.  Once I find some more time, I’m going to check what files are available there and if the textures are in a more common format.

For now I’m posting some screens of the male and female character models of Pokemon GO. I’ve packed those textured models and made them available for download in the download section.

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Road To The Copa


The Copa América Centenario, referred to in English as the 2016 Centennial Copa America, is a scheduled international men’s association football tournament due to be held in the United States in 2016. The competition is a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL and the Copa América, and is to be the first Copa América hosted outside of South America.


The tournament, 100 years in the making, which will be the 45th edition of Copa América since its inception in 1916, will be held as part of an agreement between CONMEBOL (the South American football confederation) and CONCACAF (the football confederation for North and Central America and the Caribbean) as a special edition between the usual four-year cycle, and will feature an expanded field of 16 teams (an increase from the usual 12), with all ten teams from CONMEBOL and six teams from CONCACAF.




Realistic up to date 23 man and full rosters for all 49 CONMEBOL & CONCACAF national teams.

1000’s of new and updated minifaces, also updated generic player faces to reflect new head and facial hair for every team.

All of CONMEBOL and the larger CONCACAF teams are fully licensed with updated minifaces and updated generic or real faces.

Mini faces for at least the 23 man squad for the smaller countries if pics are available (Some are just not there).

All licensed players will have correct ID’s if they were in any FIFA game ever released.

Real formations used from most recently played Copa America and Regional International tournaments.

Correct Coaches, rivals, stadium names, jersey numbers, formations.

Correct dates and time for all games in qualifying and the final tournament.

Real Referees – The 17 main referees which were named by FIFA for the tournament.

Specific adboards for all tournaments in the Qualifying and Finals mode

Stadium Graphics

Official Copa Centenario Ball

New Boots

Copa Intro Video

Copa Pregame Video

Copa 3D Logo

Copa 3D Trophy

Copa Start Up & Splash Screens from Ariel

Specific Menu’s from Ariel

Fancards for all teams

New Team – SG All Stars – If you contributed to this patch you are part of a 23 man roster that can be played in friendly or either Copa Modes.  Teh team is fully licensed with Kits, Flags, and Banners.

New Stadiums:


Gillette Stadium

Foxboro, Massachusetts – Home of the New England Patriots.

Metlife Stadium

New York City, New York – Home of the New York Giants.

Citrus Bowl

Orlando, Florida – Home of Orlando City SC.

Reliant/NRG Stadium

Houston, Texas – Home of the Houston Texans.

The Rose Bowl

Pasadena, California – Home of the Historic Rose Bowl College Football Game, Host of the 1994 FIFA Mens World Cup Final, Host of 1932 Summer Olympics.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Los Angeles, California – Home of University of Southern California Trojans & Host Stadium for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Ricardo Saprissa Stadium


10 total stadiums being added for this patch.


Game Modes


Copa Centenario Finals – Main 16 team tournament

Road To The Copa Centenario – Depending on which CONCACAF team you choose you will play through the exact qualifying structure by starting in the Copa CentroAmericana or the Caribbean Cup to qualify for the CONCACAF Gold Cup and if you make it through the Gold Cup you will move on to the Copa Centenario, see the mode manuals to understand more detailed information on qualifying mode.



2016 Copa Centenario

All 10 Conmebol Team + Mexico & USA auto qualify


Road To The Copa

Qualifying Tournaments

2015 Gold Cup

2014 Copa Centromericana

2014 Caribbean Cup



Huge thanks to everyone who shared their work especially Shawminator, Makispla, Robmar, and Luis Rodriguez for being major contributors to this patch with their stadiums and kits.

Adboards/Stadium Graphics/Database/Tournament Setup & Structure/Fancards/Overall Project Management





Emiliano Videla




Luis Rodriguez

Regular Cat






Menu Config /Menu Graphics/Start Screen/3D Trophy


Team Logos

Regular Cat





Alex 10


Nafer – used players from FIFA Argentina World Tour Patch DB



iturbe67 –


3D Logo




See detailed install and switcher instructions included in the rar.

You will find a mode instruction manuals for both playing modes.

Install Instructions.


Patch notes and things to look for.

Download here


Update has been released here.

7-3 – UPDATE V1.2

Patch fixes/addons

This patch includes V1.1 Updates

Patch fixes/addons

New updated St Vincent kits
Dominican kit number placement and color fixed
Curacao kit number color fixed
Added missing Argentina gk kit
Added missing Jamaica gk kit
Added missing Peru gk kit
Spanish language dbs
Removed crowd 341 (Test crowd for Century Link)
Added missing Copa wipe and edited wipe lua for rev mod

This update does include database edits so its possible your current saved tournament wont work, the edits were only for updated kit data.

CG FIle Server v1.1 for latest update by EA

Version 1 must be installed, if not get it from HERE

Change Log:-
Added support for latest EA Update.
Added FIFA 16 TV INTRO PRESENTATION by By Diego Martiniello tweaked for Movie Module.
Added support for Derby Match Videos.
Added Support for Stadium/Country Videos
Added support for NO Seats in Stadium Server stadiums
Added Support for new style POPUPS.

To Do List:-
Fins a way to change the stadium name to correct name.
Any Suggestions welcome.

Extract the zip file and run the CGFS16 V1.1 Update.exe.
follow onscreen instructions.

Changes to Stadium Module:-

You can now decide to have no seat in any stadium within the stadiumGBD
you will find a NoSeat.rx3 file inside the FSW folder, simply place a copy of this into the stadium of your choice.

You can now add a Video and TvBumper.big to the stadium folder, this needs no assignment to play, it will work when the stadium is selected provided there is no other assignments for movies
this means that if you have not assigned a movie for that particular match by either tournament/round/home team/derby then it will use stadium movie

Changes to Movie Module:-

The new TV Intro Presentation is slightly different.
What this does is that is plays the intro movie over the skill game, untill the Press Start button has loaded.
For Movies that finish before the  press start has appeared a screen will be displayed(TvBumper.big)
this screen can be anything you want but I suggest making it the last Frame of the video.
there are different ways of extracted the frames from the movies for example VLC screenshot,
But in the next version of File Explorer there will be a function that will rip the last 10 frames to png and resize them to 1920×1080 for direct import into the big.
also the File name of the movies has changed from FIFA_ATTR.vp8 to bootflowoutro.vp8.
The install process will rename any videos in you MovieGBD and add a TvBumper.big(this file will contain the 3dGamedevBlog logo)

changes to scoreboard module:-

i have added support for all overlay_9xxx.big files. this means that the new method by <KO> (la liga popups) is now changeable ingame.
when adding more popup files for different tv companies i would suggest that you check each scoreboardGBD folder and make sure they have the same amount and name of files.
if u find that one has less simply place the missing ones into the folder from the FSW/Scoreboard folder
rememeber never to place the overlay9105.big into the scoreboardGBD, this goes into the TVLogoGBD



I am releasing this public beta version for wider testing, Ive had good results from internal testing.

In this version of CGSF16  the following modules are available:-


Also included in this version is a step by step installer which will setup/export all files needed for the server to work.
CG stadium Namer is also included in the install which will allow easy renaming of existing user stadium downloads with a few clicks of the mouse.
There is also a readme/manual included which will hopefully help with the assignments and set up of specific folder, any question tho please ask.

The Scorboard/Popups have a slight issue which is stopping the use of full popups.

from my testing i have found that only 9002(scoreboard) and 9042(Intro) are compatible out of the box.

others are but need some hex editing done but this also has an issue with text disappearing. hopefully we can find the solution to this as well

This year the tool will run in the notification area(You will see the black and red icon). To access the the assignemnt buttons you can right click on the icon and the option will appear.

ive also included a show form option which will display the form, this is good for debugging as it shows some info like ID’s etc….

Please leave any bugs/errors or anything u find and ill get back to u ASAP

link :- DOWNLOAD



Stadium Namer16 Video Tutorial

Assigning Stadium to Team

Converting To Vp8

Assigning Movies

The last couple of weeks, I spent some time playing ARK Survival Evolved. It is a great survival game, featuring some prehistorically based creatures which are simply STUNNING. The detail is amazing ingame, and in general the game graphics are simply EPIC.

The game was made in Unreal Engine 4, and afaik the company offers the full dev kit for modders to start creating and adding new stuff in the game. The game has an amazing potential on modding, and its up to the modders imagination to make the game even more beautiful than it already is.

Enough with the info 😛

As i mentioned the game was made in UE 4. UE 4 uses .uasset files which is obviously a binary and of course undocumented file format which is used by the engine to store literally everything. From textures, models and materials, to shaders, icons and skeletons. The good thing is that through the dev kit one can have access to all the stuff through the UE4 engine software. The bad thing about this is that its a 42 GB download + 4 GBs for the engine and of course this is the easy way, which of course nobody likes. There is also another tool called UE Viewer which unfortunately does not support any of the game files so far, although it is supposed to support UE 4 stuff…

So once again what I did was to quickly investigate the container format. It looks like it has a proper structure but it is not that easy to determine precisely because of the tons of different content that the asset contains. Fortunately i quickly figured out about the polygons formats and the texture formats and i am able to manually export textures and models out of those files (didn’t even bother examining other asset files).

Most textures are 2048×2048 size, but on the large creatures the game uses 4096×4096 textures. Its obvious that on quite crowded regions within the game, the vram is going to explode xD. You’ll need a really good GFX card in order to take advantage of the full game. Otherwise the 1024×1024 and 512×512 mipmaps will always work xD. The texture assets are quite consistent by providing all the possible mipmaps out of one image and in terms of the file format, for some reason the low res mipmaps are explicitly defined near the start of the file, and afterwards the highest 4 or 5 mipmaps are stored like they would normally do in a dds texture.

As for the models, they seem to provide 4 different LODs for each model in the game. The model assets should be containing mesh splits as well, but i wasn’t able to detect how this is done so far. Locating the vertex/uv/indices buffers was quite easy and this was how i managed to get the models into blender.

So here are some renders i did from some of the creatures i extracted:






You can notice some seams, on the pics above, its not a mistake or something. Those areas are probably overlapping during the animation, so they look normal ingame.

I can get pretty much all of them, but i just got what i thought it would be cool for now 😛


PS: If someone downloads those 42 GBs let me know because i want to cross check some stuff 😀




CG File Server 16 v1.0
Included modules:-
TV Logo
Intro Movies

Link :-Donwload

Install Intsructions:-
1.Extract and place in your fifa16 root directory. Server16.exe
3.selected fifa16.exe
4. install needed files by followng the numbered buttons (1,2,3)
1 = setup gbd folder and FSW main folder
2 = Extract needed friles from the bigs
3 = regen the bh
5. enable movie server if so wish by ticking the checkbox,
6. enable auto game start if so wish by ticking the checkbox
7. play the game
8. assigning!
8.1 to assign alt/enter out of the game @ the kickoffhub(screen before skill game)
8.2 right click on server16 notification icon, select either assign movies or scoreboards
8.3 choose from your options
8.4 once back in game go back to the kit select then forward so that the process can kick in and auto import you choices
8.5 play and enjoy

ScoreBoard GBD  for CGFS16



Tonight im releasing version 0.8 of CG File Explorer 16

theres a few new updates from 0.7

Full VP8 Video Encoding(from most formats)
vp8 video playback(no audio atm)
Full DB Master integrated controls(everything available in db master)
Note:- u need to save changes to the db before you click away from the db section!
added a check for update to save checking here.
ball 3d preview
boots 3d preview
GK Gloves 3d preview
Fifa dir now shows the folders in sorted order(for numbers it will be like 1,2,21,3,35,56,4,41 etc….)
u can search for team name followed a key word for example:-
manchester city_kit ,arsenal_ball , motherwell_adboard
Reported bugs fixed, thanks for reporting these
export Language files from locale.big

ive also added a live db editor to ease some of the pain of not having CM this year yet
its very basic but its a start:-
change     team names
        leagues names
        player names
        league logos
        team badges
        minikits etc…..
also just finished adding a scoreboard creator
i have included a base which when used to create the scoreboard will be able to be previewed in the preview section
unfortunately the other user made and ea made scoreboards are only partially previewable


Hi there,

i’ve been working on quite a lot of stuff, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to post updates. Progress is made and that’s a good thing.
So i have to announce that the NBA2K16 Importer/Exporter script is almost ready and way more powerful than last year’s script.

New features:

  • Full Import capabilities for pretty much ALL nba2k16 models (that includes stadiums, 3dlogos, player models, etc)
  • Export Capabilities for players and floot models (simple Vertex and UV relocation)


I’m attaching some screens of some models i imported while testing the script:

Knicks Stadium Wireframe Overview

Knicks Stadium Inner Pic Solid #2

Knicks Stadium Inner Pic Wireframe #2

Knicks Stadium Pic #1 Solid

Knicks Stadium Pic #1 Wireframe

BONUS the first face ever imported (modified) into 2K16


More news about the project are coming soon 😀


Hey guys thought i would throw this out there,  the following are a few screens from our fifa16 explorer
as its still in the early stages there is only export function available, every file is exportable!

kit files use a new chunlzma, (Decompressed in explorer)
easf files (decrypted in explorer)
every lua file is available to export as well as all the dlc folder

the tool also alows for regen of the file that u export so that it will use the folder file rathe rthan the big.

texture are available to export in both DDS and png format.
you can also open an exported file or folder

Crowd 3d preview and glare 3d preview is also available (See last screen)

Credits for this go to Myself and Greg(arianos10) from 3dgamedevblog
and to malloc84 for his valuable debugging advice

Download V0.5



v0.7 release notes:-

Full DDS Texture import for rx3 and big files
Selected png import for dxt1,dxt3 and dxt5 files
Basic hex editor
Edit function for txt,ini and lua files (Any txt file)
new xml viewer.
new icons, plus new option to switch between normal bigs and head bigs



V0.6 release notes:-
Every texture bar one now visable and exportable(the only one left is the first sky texture) thes include the ball normals the all kit textures, all pitch texture including the dirtdecal etc…..
Setting tab to set up your prefered export
check list on file list to allow multiple exports at once,
integrated 3d previewer for crowd and glares(more to come on that front)
The full form is now resizable
plus lots of small fixes in the background